Epic Chinatown Wedding | Carlo and Nicole

Chinatown, Los Angeles

The word epic is often over used nowadays. But it's hard to find a word to describe how amazing, stunning and truly awe-inspiring this wedding was without it.

After their ceremony at Frankie in Downtown LA, the couple hopped in a vintage Rolls Royce and headed to Golden Dragon - a restaurant that is not only a Chinatown landmark, but was also the setting for core memories for Nicole and her family. After a Lion Dancing performance took over the restaurant, the dancers and guests formed parade that marched into the historic Chinatown Central Plaza, much to the amazement of the crowds celebrating the Moon Festival. It was a skin-tingling, hair-raising moment to watch as an entire crowd of strangers turned their gaze toward the wedding party and cheered them on. The beat from the drums of the dancers was only drowned out by the fireworks set off by local shop owners, who couldn't help but stop working and join the show. They arrived at General Lee's, the stylish bar that was a favorite of the couple when they started dating. After a curated, glamourous photoshoot with their world renowned photographers Danilo and Sharon, they rejoined their friends and family kicked off a dance party that didn't stop until last call. This couple, together with the amazing team at Frankie and Louise, Inc., created a wedding that showed off their style, fashion and flair, but never lost sight of the authenticity of their love.

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